New User Centre Put into Practice!


For quite a long time, the user account of Acadsoc Online Tutoring Platform and that of our Video Learning Platform have been independent of each other. In other words, although you had an account for Online Tutoring, you could not use this account to sign in to our Video Learning site, and vice versa. In order to combine the user accounts of Online Tutoring and Video Learning, Acadsoc team recently launched a new User Centre, and you only need ONE account to use both sites from now on!

In this User Centre, you can manage the basic settings of your account such as your name, registered email address, passwords and time zone, and your AC wallet where you can top up and withdraw ACs and view your transaction history. Now let's have quick a look at the User Centre:

1.       To visit the Use Centre of your account, simply point to your User ID on the left top of any page, and then select Account Settings (as shown below).

2.       Now you are led to the User Centre! Here you can change your basic settings and manage all issues related with ACs and transactions (as shown below).

Related FAQs have already been revised based on the new User Centre. If you come across any difficulties when using the functions on our site, please refer to our FAQs. When you are at, click on "Support" on the right top of the page to see FAQs. You can enter key words in the search box above each FAQ article to search for the question that you want to learn about.

When you are in our Support Centre (you are actually in the Support Centre now when you read this news), click on "FAQ" on the lower left top of the page. You are also encouraged to read our articles by clicking on "Knowledge" and "Press Release".

Another piece of good news is that our Video Learning site has an English language version now! Those who have interests in Video Learning please go to to have a look!

Thanks for your attention to Acadsoc! Your support is our motivation to move on. We have been endeavoring to optimize user experience and bring more functions to our users!


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