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English is one of the most versatile and most used languages around. Chances are if you are working in any field whether it’sin a business or a janitorial setting you will encounter the need to speak and write in English at some point. People not having been born in an English speaking country or family often elect to take ESL (English as a Second Language) classes online to not only learn the language but also become experts in it. 


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There are numerous ESL classes that individuals looking to learn English can take however; many of these ESL classes require countless hours of teaching to learn a thing and this can equate to spending hundreds, if not thousands on tutors who may take long to teach a language that countless individuals need to learn quickly. The purpose of the duration of this article will have an in depth look at different ESL courses that are available online and any drawbacks that may come with them.


The Total Package for ESL Learning – Acadsoc.Com

     Students looking to learn English are strongly advised to consider Acadsoc.


Acadsoc is a network of global tutors and teachers from around the globe. This global presence gives students looking to learn ESL online through an online ESL course a steep advantage, as they will have the opportunity to work with native English speakers who have a strong grip on the language. Some sites offer ESL courses but they assign teachers who are not native English speakers to begin with and therefore students can have hard time learning. Acadsoc is global access to teachers that the student can choose will ultimately give students the opportunity to learn faster because experts are teaching them. 

Acadsoc provides teachers and students the ability to learn through a whiteboard, voice messaging, and even screen sharing. Students will end up getting the in school feeling from anywhere they are. These benefits will promote faster learning, students will subsequently be paying less overall in the end as they have learned English quicker.  Other benefit to keep in mind when working with Acadsoc is that there is no commitment required,and students can take a free trial to see if they like how the ESL class being taught.


University ESL Course Online– Mount Royal University

Universities across North America offer international students the opportunity to take ESL Classes online, right from their home country. One famous program for this is the ESL courses offered by Mount Royal University. The benefits of taking such courses are that Universities such as Mount Royal will give students a comprehensive syllabus of tasks and assignments that must be met. This demanding amount of work will typically help individuals learn English quickly. 

The downfall of taking an ESL course from a University is that the post-secondary institute will have several students taking the class and there will be little time for one on one teaching, rather premade learning, modules will be made and the students will have to follow it during their own time. This can be beneficial to work at ones pace but asking a teacher or an expert for outside help can become almost impossible, often students have their own questions that need answering.  Universities also tend to break ESL courses down into multiple parts and charge separate fees to enroll in each part; this can be very costly to students looking to learn English as a second language on a budget.

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Free Online ESL Courses for Adult - Esolcourses.com

Often money can play a huge factor in learning a new language. A lot of individuals and companies that teach ESL classes will charge some sort of fee to learn and some people cannot pay even a penny to learn. Rather than be left in the dark Esolcourses offers a comprehensive site that has different levels of English as second language modules to learn and master from. Students can work at their own pace to learn and with a lot of time and effort, students can learn English from this site. The extra time to learn English from Esolcourses is caused by their being no teacher at all. Students are on their own to learn and cannot even send an email to a professor to get help. If students do focus, they can still get a great education from here.


Live Video ESL Classes – Verbling.com

Visual learning can be a great method for all students, especially when it is in the form of videos. Adults typically find this method the best way of learning English as a second language. One site that is almost exclusive in teaching through video is Verbling. On Verbling,students register to take classes with specific teachers who have created lesson plans that they teach through videos. Students can choose which classes to be a part of and therefore it gives the student the opportunity to learn what they need. The issue with Verbling is that it focuses heavily on video that takes a lot of bandwidth to show in high quality, most students from foreign countries may have a problem playing these videos without a lag or buffer. If internet is no issue then Verbling is a great (but pricey) ESL class for adults and even younger.


One on One Tutoring – ESLTutor.net

With specific needs and questions often, students cannot handle using free sites with no structure or accountability to learn English. Students of this nature will usually elect to go to a private tutor who will teach those English. One site that specializes on one on one ESL courses is ESL Tutor. On ESL Tutor, students can hire a tutor who will give them private lessons. The one on one tutoring does work, as students will focus on correcting their specific weaknesses. The biggest downfall of ESL Tutor is that they lock students into contracts for multiple lessons or charge outrages amounts for single lessons. There is no free trial to test the service either and countless students can be skeptical of using them because of that.


Concluding, we see that English as a second language can be a tricky subject to master and therefore many students turn to using online classes to learn. In this article we outlined some of the most used and popular sites that teach English to non-English speakers. Most of these sites do come with drawbacks but we would recommend that you try Acadsoc.com for your next online ESL class, as there are free trials to take classes with real professional teachers who charge fair prices if you choose to continue.


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