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Statistics can be a difficult subject to grasp, especially for people who are unversed in mathematics. Data generated from statistical algorithms are used to understand many things in life, from the number of people dying from a specific disease each year to the average pace in which the sea level rises due to global warming.


But taking statistics from a broad perspective can diminish the quality of data and make it insignificant for further reference. For example, as a person, you may feel the need to take better control of your life. But what does this mean exactly? It means having the capacity to properly evaluate data that you encounter on a day-to-day basis. If you cannot distinguish good from poor reasoning, you become vulnerable to manipulation and is prone to making decisions that are not in your best interest. The study of statistics offers the tools you need to react intelligently to data you receive either by hearing, seeing, touching, or reading it. Viewing statistics from this standpoint, you can see why the field is one of the most important studies you can focus on.

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Getting Help with Statistics

Studying statistics even in a structured curriculum can be a challenge for many young minds as classroom time is limited and learning is not individualized. Those who wish to better understand and excel in the field can seek help from a professional Statistics tutor. Getting a Statistics tutor boosts your sense of competency/adequacy in conforming to the new role. Because you get more experience and information regarding Statistics, you make yourself more marketable in the job market. Also, due to the extra tutored hours, you build more confidence when it comes to your work duties.


Where to Learn Statistics?


There is a wide variety of web-based tutoring programs you can find nowadays, but the quality of information assembled into these services is not always valuable and updated. An impeccable source of Statistics learning can be found in AcadSoc.com, short for Online Academic Society. Acadsoc.com is a place that bridges tutors and students. Visiting their website, you'll find the design to be sleek and simple, with three main tabs housing the subsections, namely the Learn, Find Students, and Teach.


Clicking the Learn tab, you'll be directed to a page listing professional tutors that have been verified. The tutors have their own photos, experience information, and country of residence. Their offered course is also detailed including class format, teaching methods, and course level. This way, interested tutees can make an informed decision before investing their time and money on a tutor. You can also narrow your search by choosing tutors based on their hourly prices, ratings, response rate, and the latest postings.


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As for the company's defining features, you are given a free trial for many of the online classes available. This allows you to experience the class and determine if the tutor's teaching style is compatible with your learning style. Customer service is made available 24/7 so tutees anywhere around the globe can still reach the company at different times. If you need a question answered, you can start first on the FAQ page found by clicking the Support button on the upper right corner of the website. You'll find the topics to be smartly subdivided into sections for both students and tutors. The service fee charged by Acadsoc.com is not bad at all. The student fee is 60 AC per month or 600 AC per year. AC is the website's currency and 10 AC is equivalent to 1 US dollar. Considering the time and inconvenience you save from having to find a tutor by yourself, $60 per month is a reasonable price even for students.


How Acadsoc Compares to Others


There are other websites offering Statistics tutoring, read on further as we briefly review the three competitors.


Tutor.com boasts a simpler web design with its primary focus on calculus and other math-related fields. While this is a good spot for Statistics tutees, it is not as flexible as having several programs accessible on one platform as how Acadsoc.com does it. Tutor.com offers their services via three pricing plans, with the basic starting at $39.99 per month with 1-hour of tutoring time usable for all subjects and a 24/7 access to the site's services and tools. They also offer a trial session for $9.99 for 30 minutes.


InstaEdu is another calculus-oriented tutoring website. Many of its online tutors are post-graduates and are very qualified in tutoring Statistics. The free trial, however, is short-lived with just 2 hours of complimentary tutored time after which you'll be charged 40 cents per minute. They provide three subscription packages that can be updated or cancelled at any time. The packages differ depending on the amount of time you want to spend getting tutored in Statistics per week. The basic package starts at 15 minutes per week and can increase up to 2 hours. The tutoring sessions are held via a virtual environment. The website's innovative Whiteboard feature allows students and tutors to work out problems visually. And thanks to the video feed that's similar to Skype, you can interact with your tutor face to face.

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WyzAnt.com, on the other hand, introduces a Good Fit Guarantee where a free 1-hour of tutoring service is offered to ensure you find a good, compatible tutor. They also feature a rich list of qualified and brilliant tutors for Statistics. On their start-up page, however, there are no tutors shown and one must register first in order to access the list, a reasonable yet inexcusable flaw to the company's web design. Once registered, you can then view the website's wide array of online tutors with their hours of experience, subjects offered, and hourly rate. Thanks to the star rating system, you can easily check the tutor's competency. Pricing for tutoring services vary and are based on a per hour rate of the tutor.



Overall, Acadsoc triumphs as the leading online Statistics tutoring service provider. They boast competitive pricing, professional yet simple-to-use web design, 24/7 customer support and an easy-to-navigate platform other competitors are simply unable to emulate. 

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