Online Tutor: 5 Ways to Make Your Course Advert More Attractive


Online tutorial is becoming increasingly popular and many professionals find being an online tutor a good source of extra income. Some online teachers work for a tutoring service provider while others are independent tutors in the sense that they operate on their own at home.

Whether you are an employee of an online tutorial company or you work alone, you need to advertise your course to attract students. Promoting your course offering is important because it will determine your final earnings. Here are some tips to advertise yourself as an online tutor in order to attract more students.

  • Create a comprehensive resume or profile that emphasizes your expertise in the field of teaching. Parents or students will take a look at what you can offer when they want to hire you as the mentor of their children/themselves. It is essential for you to include all qualifications that will indicate that you are a capable and professional teacher. Specify the subjects that you specialize in. State your experience and describe in detail your instructional skills, for example, how you plan to make your students learn effectively.

  • Make a video of self-introduction. This is not a must, but you are highly recommended to do so. Groom yourself before facing the camera and practice what you want to say. Even if you are not applying for the post of an English tutor, make sure that your grammar, pronunciation, speed of delivery, and voice level are almost perfect. Employers will use this video to gauge if you can effectively communicate and interact with your students through the internet. Maintain a well-modulated voice and a pleasant countenance. If you are not satisfied with the way you presented yourself, remake the video. If it is necessary to redo the recording ten times to make it perfect, just do it. This is your passport to a new job and a new earning opportunity.

  • Along with your picture, list learning materials and textbooks that you will use to teach. Your preparedness will be noted and this can give you an edge over other applicants. This is also a chance for parents and children to see if the materials that you will use will be appropriate for their level.

  • If you are asked to conduct a demo class or a free trial, prepare for it extensively. This is the time for you to market yourself and your teaching prowess. Everything about getting employed depends on how you will perform in this teaching demonstration. Prepare your lesson well. Then, see to it that you have set up your equipment a few minutes before the demonstration starts. Check everything to prevent any unnecessary delays while the class is going on. Most parents are meticulous when it comes to time. This is understandable because they will be paying you on hourly basis. You might not see the parents in your camera or hear them but be assured that they are there observing and monitoring the class. The same is expected during your regular sessions.

  • Be considerate but firm. Most parents would like you to control your student and not the other way around. These parents have probably tried teaching their own children but failed to make them listen and study. If you can do both without resorting to threats and bribery, you will be able to make a good living from being an online tutor.

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