Practicing for High School English Tests


Whether English is your first language or a second language, it is important to practise proper English for the best possible results in school tests, and to raise your overall skills. The basic tests that all students will take often involve grammar/writing style, vocabulary, proper phrases and expressions, along with general conversation for ESL students. To prepare for each test, there are a few ways to help you prepare for your exams without having to sit in front of textbooks all the time.

Check Out Different Reading Materials 

Reading through school books can get quite boring after a while. Although they are useful tools to teach you English, there are many other resources available all around you, and they are free. Mix up a study routine by adding other reading materials into it. Materials like newspapers, magazines, flyers, pamphlets and billboards can easily help break up the study routine and add in some new vocabulary phrases as well. The main thing to remember is to get proper reading materials that contain decent information and a minimal amount of improper language or slang. Reading through various materials like local and international newspapers, interesting magazines or pamphlets based on your interests, which will help broaden your English language and increase general knowledge on various subjects. Gradually start reading more difficult materials to challenge yourself and learn new stuff in the process. 

Play Games 

A great way to practise English for an upcoming test is to pay language-based games. Scrabble, boggle, guessing games, word searches and crossword puzzles are all wonderful ways to increase vocabulary and practise grammar. You can play different board games with your classmates, family or friends. If you prefer solo play, there are also many funny one-player English language games in books and online. Games are one of the best ways to study while having fun. They are also another great way to break up long study hours in front of books.

Use It in the Real World 

The best way to practice English is to go out and use the language in everyday conversation. This is especially beneficial to ESL students since it will help them become more comfortable in speaking the language to many other people with various accents and speaking habits. This is also a perfect opportunity to gain more confidence in social settings. Strike up a conversation with someone; go shopping, ask sales people different questions and listen to their answers. Read signs, ask for directions to places you already know, so that you can see how others explain directions in English. The more you try, the easier it will be in the end. 

High school English tests are meant to help students find their level and improve their reading, writing and comprehension. Although many students feel English is one of the easiest subjects around (especially if English is their first language), it is actually one of the most difficult languages to master. Try to practise every day whenever possible so as to really boost your skills. 

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