Pre-Calculus Tutoring: The Best Prep for Your Child's Entry into Calculus


As a parent or guardian of a growing child, of course you only want what is best for him or her. You want your child to do well in school so that he or she can ultimately get into a great college, earn a degree, and land a job in a career he or she will truly enjoy. However, if your child is struggling in school, you may understandably be feeling worried; poor performance in middle or high school can be alarming to any parent, after all. One of the most notoriously difficult classes for young adults these days is that of Pre-calculus. This introductory course lays the groundwork for calculus, which is a complex field of equations and operations. 

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What Does Your Child Need to Know About Pre-Calculus?

 Whether your child is already enrolled in Pre-calculus or will be taking it in the near future, the fact remains that there is a lot that will need to be learned. For starters, it is important to note that essentially everything your child learned in Algebra will need to be carried over for a thorough understanding of Pre-calculus. This includes knowledge of solving equations, graphing, and functions. 

However, Pre-calculus goes far beyond what your child learned in Algebra to include much more. This includes one of the most notoriously difficult topics, which is that of solving derivatives. Also, graphing is another important component of Pre-calculus; students will be expected to learn how to graph without using a graphing calculator based on the type of equation. 

It is important that your child do well in Pre-calculus because everything learned in the class will need to be transferred to Calculus later on in high school or even in college. Therefore, if your child does poorly in Pre-calculus, he or she may end up doing poorly in Calculus. Furthermore, your child may also end up having to take more remedial classes in college, which will mean a more expensive education for you. 

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The Benefits of an Online Pre-Calculus Tutor 

If you find that your child is struggling with his or her Pre-Calculus class, then you might be wondering what you can do to help. In many cases, the best way to see results is to hire an experienced tutor to work with your child. This can provide your student with the one-on-one attention he or she needs to fully understand and grasp the course material. Otherwise, in a 45-50 minute class at school, your child may simply not the opportunity to speak with the teacher and ask questions about class material he or she is struggling with. 

If you or your child has a particularly busy schedule, however, then you may also want to consider hiring an online tutor. Otherwise, it may be difficult to find dates and times where your schedule aligns with the tutor's. Furthermore, hiring an online tutor saves you from the hassle of trying to deal with some of the logistics, such as where the tutoring sessions will be held. Instead, with an online tutor, you can always find a time that works with yours and your tutor's schedule because there is no need to leave your home for the tutoring session. Furthermore, your child can hold his or her tutoring session in a place that is comfortable, such as your child's own room, the living room, or the study room at your home. Online tutoring is also helpful in the sense that students can typically stay better focused. 

Online tutoring makes it possible for the tutor to show your child, on the computer screen, how to perform certain functions such as graphing equations, solving equations, doing derivatives, and more. Such online tutors have sophisticated software that makes it easy for the child to interact with the tutor in a synchronous matter without having to leave the comfort of home. Real-time chats between tutor and child can take place over video call or even chat, whichever your child is more comfortable with. 

By working with an online tutor, your child can enjoy access to an experienced Pre-calculus tutor at any time from the comfort of home. He or she will also receive the one-on-one attention that is needed to have the best chances of success in class. Whether your child needs specific help preparing for an exam or general help in the class altogether, an online tutor can be of great assistance. 

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Why Do You Need to Do Calculus? 

Ask anybody who has taken a Calculus class before and they will likely tell you that it was a challenging class, but an important one. If your child plans on going into any kind of science or math-related field, he or she will be using Calculus on a regular basis in the workplace. Therefore, knowing the basics of Calculus and Pre-Calculus is important. 

Even if your child does not plan on going into a math or science-related field, there is still a good chance that your child will need to take and pass a Calculus class--if not in high school, then in college. This class may be needed to move onto more advanced classes, but without a solid understanding of Pre-calculus, Calculus can be a real challenge. After all, Calculus builds almost entirely off of concepts learned in Pre-Calculus. 

Finally, Calculus can help your child to acquire all kinds of skills that will be helpful later on in life. This includes critical thinking and problem solving skills, which can be learned from solving equations and complex word problems in Pre-Calculus and Calculus. Therefore, doing well in either of these classes can help in other areas of a child's academics and life in general, helping him or her to make more sound and logical decisions. As you can see, then, there is no understating the importance of not just passing, but doing well, in Pre-Calculus and Calculus. 

Overall, Pre-Calculus can definitely be one of the most challenging classes your child takes during his or her school career. As such, if you find that your child is struggling significantly in either class, it is in yours and your child's best interest to hire an online Calculus tutor. By doing so, you can get your child the help that he or she needs. You may also be surprised by just how affordable an online tutoring service can be. From there, your child can do well in Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and beyond. As a result, he or she will perform better in school with the critical thinking and problem solving skills that were picked up in these classes and developed by your child's tutor.

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