Reasons to Count on Chemistry Crash Course


number of classes in their schools or colleges. Chemistry is a wide-ranging subject and hence it is a tough job to compress it into a crash course. However, nowadays there are several websites that offer Chemistry crash course and other online Chemistry courses.

Learning Chemistry online has become very simple in the present day owing to the availability of a plethora of online Chemistry courses. Students who intend to go for a crash course in Chemistry for immediate need can look for the trustworthy websites offering Chemistry crash courses. There are many free websites that aim to offer high quality education to every learner in the world in a simple and entertaining way.

Crash courses in Chemistry can tell students in the most simple way how the subatomic particle triad – neutron, proton and electron collaborate in different combinations to make up various products such as medicines, foodstuff etc. It explains everything you need to know about an atom, the nucleus and its properties  as well as the importance of these properties in defining an atom.      

A Chemistry crash course can be effective only if the vast variety of topics and their related problems are explained through videos and lots of images. It is not necessary to go through all the videos but only the desired ones which are relevant to the exam. A short and precise video explaining the exact theory, concept or reaction leaves a lasting impression in students’ minds. A crash course in Chemistry with a diverse range of important concepts along with solutions to the problems based on those concepts can help students in learning Chemistry online in a very short span of time. Some students can even become an expert in Chemistry after going through this kind of simple yet effective crash course.

A typical crash course in Chemistry includes the following topics:

  • The Nucleus
  • The Electron
  • Unit Conversion & Significant Figures
  • The Periodic Table
  • The Fundamental Laws of Chemistry
  • Acid-Base Reactions
  • Redox Reactions
  • The Ideal Gas Law
  • Real Gases
  • Problems on Ideal Gas
  • Water and Solutions
  • Precipitation Reactions
  • Partial Pressures, Vapor Pressure
  • Velocity of a Gas, Diffusion, Effusion and Concentration Gradients
  • Enthalpy
  • Energy and Chemistry

Apart from these topics, there are many other Chemistry topics that are taught in other online chemistry courses. In fact, there are also crash courses available for each individual concept in Chemistry. Students who do not have sufficient time and cannot go for an inclusive study of Chemistry for their competitive exams can totally bank on Chemistry crash course. This crash course is equally valuable to students who are lagging behind in their classes.      

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