Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor


Your child comes home with a long face. He scored very low in the daily quiz and forgot some of his lines in the short play that his group presented in their literature class. He was scolded for being late in submitting his project and his teacher has caught him sleeping while classes were going on. If this happens several times in a week, you should take stock of what is happening to your child. Perhaps he needs someone to help him cope with his hectic life—and this "someone" could be a tutor.

A tutor is a person hired to teach a child, to help him with his assignments and projects, and to give him guidance on what to study. A tutor is like the classroom teacher who teaches your child on a one-on-one basis outside the classroom. Tutorial classes are usually done at the home of the student after class. A Good and experienced tutor can cost parents a little but then, the good things that he will bring about for the student will be priceless.

Waiting until your child’s problems in school have become serious before taking the right move could cost you his future. As a parent, you must be vigilant and sensitive to the signs that reveal your child’s need for more support and help. Here are some indications of your child’s need for a tutor.

One sign that your child needs a tutor is that he fails to submit homework and projects on time. This means that the child is not able to cope with his schoolwork because he lacks the knowledge to do it or he needs extra time for that compare to his peers. In addition, the demand could be too much for the child. Once a child fails to finish homework frequently, it is time to find someone to help him.

Another indication that a tutor is needed is cramming. Some students panic before major examinations because they feel that they are not prepared to take the exam. However, if your child feels afraid to take the short quizzes given every day, something must be bothering him and it could be the fact that he was not able to digest his lessons. Once you observe this in your child and you have no time or knowledge to help him prepare for his tests, finding a tutor for him will be your best resort.

A Child who used to be excited about school but now starts to show diminished interest might also need closer supervision and help in his studies. One reason why he loses interest might be because he cannot easily grasp the concepts and thus always gets low scores. Do not wait till the child gets a failing grade. Have someone to guide and encourage him to exert more effort. Hiring a tutor for him can boost his morale and resume his interest in his studies again.

Decreasing grades are bad signs and if you are the parent of a child who used to top the class but now stays in the middle or lower rank. In this case you must be alert. Something is wrong with his schooling and he needs help. It is high time for you to find a tutor for him.

There are still other tell-tales and if you care for your child, you must get the hints right away. Your child might need a guiding hand from a tutor.


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