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Chemistry is an interesting yet quite a demanding branch of science. Besides gaining knowledge in Chemistry during the classroom sessions, it is also necessary to do some researches in the subject using online resources. There is an easy way to learn Chemistry, i.e., through free online chemistry tutoring. Students who are deficient in money can learn chemistry online for free, whereas those who can afford the cost can enroll in paid online chemistry tutoring websites. Both paid and free online chemistry websites teach students from the fundamentals of chemistry to higher levels and complex topics. However, while checking out various online learning websites, students should be very careful and should pick a reliable site only which can give them the precise information on each and every topic of Chemistry.   

Chemistry is segregated into three main branches: organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. The first thing that a student must decide before going to learn chemistry online is to decide on which branch of chemistry he/she wants to focus. After being sure about which branch he/she is keen to gain knowledge on, the student can then move forward to choose an appropriate online chemistry tutoring website as well as an expert chemistry subject trainer.       

An easy way to learn chemistry online is to first evaluate the weak and strong points regarding the chemistry subject. In this process the students will get to know what they already known in Chemistry. It is also possible that some students may not know anything about the subject while others may have command on some specific topics. This process will save the time of the students who already have knowledge on some particular topics and they can skip those topics and move on to another unknown topic. Those who don’t know the ABC of the subject should start from the “Introduction to Chemistry” topic and then move on to other advanced topics.       


The next step is to decide the method of learning chemistry online. There are various methods: students can communicate with people through social networking apps such as Skype to learn chemistry; some sites have extensive study materials similar to the text books while others have prerecorded videos of various teachers giving lessons on a variety of chemistry topics. Students can go for any of the above methods to learn chemistry online.   

There is a plethora of websites that teach an easy way to learn chemistry. In order to gain access to the study materials encompassed in these sites, students need to register with these websites with a password and a unique user name. These websites offer the opportunity to students to self-test themselves and keep track on their progress through the entire learning process of Chemistry.    

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