Steps to Ponder while Learning Organic Chemistry Online


Organic Chemistry is one of the most interesting and vital branches in Chemistry and it encompasses a plethora of topics. Apart from this, Organic Chemistry is extremely important for various career opportunities. Without gaining a thorough knowledge in Organic Chemistry, one cannot pursue any profession in the field of chemical industry. Hence, students who are keen on taking up a career in the medicine field or chemical industry ought to gain an in-depth knowledge of Organic Chemistry.


Among the wide range of topics in Organic Chemistry, some are simple while others are quite complicated. Students sometimes need extra tutorials to grasp those complex topics. Students who belong to well-to-do families can enroll in a coaching center or can hire a private tutor to learn Organic Chemistry. However, students who have monetary problem may find it difficult to hire a tutor or join coaching sessions. In such a case, online Organic Chemistry courses come to their rescue.

Organic Chemistry courses are easily accessible online through various websites. With the help of these informative sites, students can handily learn Organic Chemistry online.

Organic Chemistry is not at all complex; students need to understand the lessons rather than just cramming them. Once a student grasps the concepts of Organic Chemistry efficiently, he/she will quickly be able to retain and remember the lessons for long. Cramming can sometimes bring excellent scores in the exams but it will not help students in the long run; cramming should be avoided as far as possible.

Some of the basic things which students should ponder while they learn Organic Chemistry online are:

1.    Online Organic Chemistry courses encourage students to study the subject in a systematic way. The first and foremost step to learn Organic Chemistry online is to learn to identify the organic compounds by their structural formulae. This first yet vital step can help students to learn 40% of the subject. After the identification part is done, students should practice writing the structural formulae.

2.    In order to master Organic Chemistry, students should practice doing 15-20 diverse questions from each topic. For instance, the topic of “Carbocations” controls the favored product formation in a number of reactions. Students can understand the term “Carbocations” by reading its explanation on various sites. Each individual website would have a comprehensive explanation of the topic. The stability of carbocations is a simple concept but problems arise when students start doing the questions on it. Hence it is recommended that students should practice as many questions as possible by referring to a range of sites so that they can identify diverse kinds of carbocations.    

3.    Students must practice questions based on the importance of each topic. For example, they do not need to cram the various do’s and don’ts in “Resonance”. It is vital to practice the rules by doing different questions based on those rules. In exams nobody will ever be asked to list out the rules but the applications of these rules. Thus, the topics need to be understood very well.

4.    With the help of online Organic Chemistry courses, students should practice more questions based on organic reactions. However, they must first understand the reasons behind each and every reaction. This process can be very simple because each atom has its own reason to behave in a certain way in any organic reaction. Learning some reactions by heart is fine but students can master them only by practicing and by knowing the logic behind them.      

In short, reasoning and practicing are the two keys to succeed in Organic Chemistry online courses.

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