Strategies of Learning Pre-Algebra Online


Pre-Algebra is a subject in mathematics which is generally taught in the middle school. It encompasses decimals, ratios, fractions, percentages, basic geometry and basic statistics. Learning Pre-Algebra is extremely essential for the students as it helps them in geometry and Algebra classes. Pre-Algebra not only helps in the study of advanced levels of mathematics but it is also needed in various science subjects as well. Pre-Algebra is also helpful in everyday life in numerous jobs where the employees are supposed to know the method to interpret data and to deal with money. Nowadays, there is a plethora of websites that help students to learn Pre-Algebra online. Following are some strategies which students can pursue to learn how to do Pre-Algebra online:


·         There are plenty of online resources which teach students how to do Pre-Algebra. There are numerous websites which are abundant in comprehensive lessons, practice problems along with their solutions, FAQs and quizzes to judge the knowledge of the student at every single step. Most sites divide the subject into two levels: 1) Pre-Algebra and 2) Elementary Algebra. This way the students can hone their weaker areas.  

·         The study of manipulatives is very useful in understanding the conception of variables. Trying out with various kinds of manipulatives help first time learners of Pre-Algebra to comprehend the functioning of variables. The Pre-Algebra help online resources facilitate students to delve into the concepts of Pre-Algebra with a variety of manipulatives.      

·         There are also a number of sites which help middle school students to learn Pre-Algebra online with the help of games. Sometimes students may not be able to grasp a chapter just by reading it; in such a situation online games can aid them in comprehending the basic concepts of Pre-Algebra. Nowadays there are resources available for Pre-Algebra help online which bring in the Pre-Algebra concepts using activities or games. These creative and fun games seem sensible to students who are leaning Pre-Algebra for the very first time.     

·         Students must explore various topics on “Numbers”. In order to know how to do Pre-Algebra it is very important to gain knowledge of decimals, place value of particular numbers in a decimal number. Apart from this, students should also learn how to estimate the numbers, how to round off the decimals, how to add and subtract the decimal numbers and last but not least is the division and multiplication of decimals.

·         The Pre-Algebra help online tutorials also offer other topics related to “Numbers” such as exponents, percents, integers and square roots. The study of all these topics helps the middle school students to excel in the “Numbers” topic.

·         Tutorials on Pre-Algebra online also offer lessons on “Fractions” and “Ratios”. These lessons include the description of fractions and ratios along with their definitions and methods of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of the fractions.

·         Another important topic while learning Pre-Algebra online is “Factors”. Students must gain a thorough knowledge of factors by knowing its definition as well as by solving a variety of problems on finding out the LCM (Least Common Multiple) and GCF (Greatest Common Factor).


The best thing about learning Pre-Algebra online is that these websites give students an opportunity to closely interact with the teacher. There are chatting tools and message boards as well. Thus, if any student has doubts on any topic he/she can ask the online tutor via message board or chatting tool and can get the solution from the tutor instantly. All these user-friendly features make it easier for the students to learn Pre-Algebra online.  

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