Students: Review Effectively for a Better Exam Score


It has been a common scene that students don't start revising until the last several days before the exam. Researches have proved that cramming is not a good way for revision. To save yourself from the mess before and after the exams, you should learn how to revise in an efficient way ahead of the exam season in order to get a better score.

The first tip is to regularly spread the revision time rather than cramming. Researchers at Sheffield University in the UK studied the learning pattern of over 850,000 people playing an online game, and found those who had an 24-hour interval between practice attempts got better records than the people continuously playing the game (reported BBC). Scientists explain that the secret is by leaving intervals between practicing, one leaves his brain more storable for information. Therefore, you are advised to set a longer revision plan with periodic intervals between studies. One more reminder is to take enough rests. Don't stay up late at night before the exam. Take full-night sleeps and naps during the day.

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Another notice is to focus on the essence of learning instead of the high scores. If you care too much about the score itself, you'll probably overlook other things under the surface. Try various ways of learning and explore how you can best learn something, and don't fear mistakes and frustration.

Many of the students ignore one crucial point—knowing what they will be tested on. You might think it a right way to recite dozens of factual knowledge before an exam without realizing that the exam mainly consists of long essay questions. In this case, you are supposed to practice essay writing rather than merely memorizing facts.

The last suggestion for you is to know the effective way of LEARNING early ahead of revision: Systemize the information in your textbook and notes rather than rode. You should know how each knowledge point links to other points so as to organize your answer well in the exam.

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