Code of Ethics Being Called for Overseas Agent


In response to the soaring number ofstudents intending to study abroad, domestic overseas agent market is boomingin recent years. Enter the phrase "留學中介(study abroadagent)" in Baidu, and the search engine immedia… More>>

GSCE and A-Level Reform to Take Effect in 2015


The Office ofQualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) in England updated its announcementof the A-Level reform on May 9, 2013. The reform urged by the EducationSecretary, Michael Gove, is to adjust the existing A-Le… More>>

Studying in the UK—A Brief Introduction to the Educational System of UK


The United Kingdom (UK) has always beenfavored by students who want to study abroad and their parents. Matureeducational system and reputable teaching quality as well as lower expensescompared with that in the US and some othe… More>>

UK's New Visa Policy: Chinese Student Applicants to Face Interview


Thevariable visa policies of the United Kingdom (UK) recently welcome a newupdate: Foreign students who apply for Tier 4 visa may be asked for aninterview. This new policy has been tested in some countries such as China,India,… More>>

A Review of the Reasons why Chinese Students are Going Abroad at an Early Age


Chineseparents who are looking for a ideal school for their children visit alocal middle school in Bath, England. (Picture from Internet,source: nisyndication/CFP) In China, a newround of "study-abroad rush" is app… More>>

For parents: Are your children suitable to study abroad in a young age?


The United Kingdom has long been enjoyingthe fame of its reputable educational system, and the number of parents whoexpect their children to study abroad in the UK is booming in recent years. Althoughyoung kids are supposed to… More>>