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Welcome to Acadsoc, where not only can you can have your own personalized tutor group where can thrive from real-time online interaction with your students but you can also learn how to be our tutor and teach online the subjects you feel most passionately about.Join us and explore the benefits of learning and teaching.

To become a successful Online Tutor, you must first apply for a great part-time tutoring job that will look great on your C.V and a place where you can share your thoughts with your pupils! This is where Acadsoc comes in.

It does not matter if you are a professional tutor or just starting off, anyone is welcome. We invite graduate students, college students and social tutors. The thing that sets Acadsoc apart from the rest is that you are the online teacher and the power is in your hands. Tutoring on Acadsoc's online learning platform is a great way to work from home and convey your knowledge to students all over the world - you can also earn some extra money.

If you have been looking for an online teaching job, we may have exactly what you need to fulfill your ambitions. There are several positions available to cater your every need, such as language learning, teaching academic subjects of different countries, providing social services and vocational training.

Here, you can get to know more about how you can help students and keep your skills sharp. You can choose whether to teach an individual or a group. Once students request to attend your online courses you can hold a class with the exclusive Acadsoc E-Classroom tool.

Acadsoc will patiently resolve all students' and tutors' questions or problems by learning about the individual requirement of each student and tutor to ensure a better learning experience.

As well as this, you can also:

● Arrange your time flexibly.

● Convey your knowledge all over the world.

● Keep your teaching skills sharp without the need for a classroom.

● Make connections globally.

● Earn money.

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