The Best way to learn Math


Math…! Why do I have to learn Math? This question used to haunt me.

Well, it is possibly because I needed to check the bill at the grocer’s, or at the mall?! But that’s only addition and subtraction. What about linear, curvy graphs, quadratic equations, calculus, algebra, trigonometry…? Read on, and spare a minute to ponder on it.

Everything that we use in our daily life involves Math! A needle to an airplane and everything in between! Think of roads, bridges, cars, cycles, elevators, swimming pools, furniture, buildings, mobiles, computers, radios, televisions, cameras, or for that matter even toys and games (Wii games, PSP, X box)! Ha-ha, think of a life without all these…Unimaginable, right? And what about those yummy cakes that mom bakes? Yes, she needs to get the amount of ingredients perfectly measured, using the teaspoons, tablespoons, measuring cups, etc.!

Look around you and make a list of 5 things and analyse how Math was used in the making of those things. I bet you will never again ask that question and you will be proud of doing Math. 

The best way to learn Math? There is no single strategy that will help. However, the most important thing to remember is to think of Math as a language instead of a set of problems to be solved. Math is a unique language with its own a, b, cs and codes…It's that simple!

So there are ways to master this unique language:

  • Start with a positive approach. Try and solve problems every day. Math learning websites can help. Start now and try one each day.
  • Try different approaches and methods. There is not only one way of solving a problem. Enroll yourself in math learning centers or online tutoring platforms to help you get your basics right and save time.
  • Learn to visualize Math. When there is a problem that talks about—say, circles or triangles, try to visualize it. Think of things around you that are circular in shape and see if you can get a different perspective on the problem.
  • Teachers at school may not have extra time to teach you certain concepts. Form a Math study group and teach each other. You may be good at Geometry while your friends may be good at solving equations. Imagine how popular you can be if you could teach Math to girls!
  • Math learning websites are very helpful when you are stuck. Just search for one of these sites and see what you come up with.
  • The secret of learning Math? Practise, practise and practise.
  • Whenever you sit down to tackle Math, make sure you are fresh and well–fed. If you are drowsy, tired, hungry, etc., none of what you learn will make sense!
  • Get organized. Keep all your books and study materials handy. Keep a list of the math learning websites marked as favorites, so you don’t waste time searching.
  • Make a time table to help you mark time to study Math (or any subject for that matter). Say, you set aside 3 days a week, or 1 hour each day, to practice Math. This is a definite way to improve grades and you won’t feel like you are doing it all the time.

Do Math, not because you have to…but because one day you will realize that you actually enjoy it. Some things may not make sense at present, but in the long run, they will! Whether you want to be a chef, a dancer, a sportsman or a hair stylist, Math will teach you how to solve bigger problems! 

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