The Story of Acadsoc


How Did Acadsoc Start? 

Acadsoc was established in 2010, when the co-founders Anson and Alice, who had studied and lived in the United Kingdom for more than 10 years, began to implement their strong belief in the benefits of British education and their passion for their country into the concept—an online academic society, Acadsoc.

They developed an online platform to match students with tutors for tutoring anytime and anywhere, with the hope of improving access to education on a global scale. From this, a one-stop shop for languages, academic subjects and skills, Acadsoc, came into being. Anson and Alice then invited many reputable professional tutors to join Acadsoc to contribute to high quality online tutoring services.

Today, we have millions of online tutors and learners from all around the world actively using our services which cover online tutoring, study abroad consultancy, and video learning.


30 June 2011   Acadsoc Limited registered in Hong Kong

9 March 2012 successfully launched

1 July 2012   Acadsoc raised CNY 20M (approximately USD 3.4M ) in the 1st round of fund raising project from one of the leading Private Equities in China

17 August 2012   Representing UK schools in British Council Exhibition at Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Center, Hong Kong

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