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  Write To Win competition Round 1 has officially come to an end. 428 Acadsoc members voted and here we’ve got the Best of the Best – tskon1 (138 Votes)! Congratulations to our USD300 winner and let’s learn from her great work!  
THE WINNER - tskon1
As an overseas student studying in an English speaking country, I didn’t have any connection in finding a reliable native English tutor. I started to go online and I found all these online learning platforms. I was stunned with the concept of tutoring through the internet, without actually travelling to the tutor’s home or seeing the tutor in person… ” Read more ...
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  Don’t forget our lucky voter!
Out of the 138 voters for tskon1 entering the lucky draw, wa20130629 has definitely got all the luck to win USD100 for voting for the best!
  We are going to have more writing competitions in the future,
don’t you want to be the next winner?
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