3 Best Movies that English Learners Should Not Miss


Many children who are non-English speakers have learned to use and speak the language at an early age by watching videos such as cartoons and movies. Because they are still young, they tend to mimic the pronunciation, accent, and rhythm of the actors and actresses and you will be amazed at how they sound like they were born in an English speaking country. Listen to young children who have spent most of their time watching cartoons and you will realize how broad their vocabulary is and how correct their grammar is.

Here are some movies that can help English learners increase their vocabulary and acquire correct grammar so as to be able to speak and write in English fluently.

1. The Lion King

This is a story of Simba, the son of Mufasa who was the king of Pride Lands. While Simba was young, his father’s brother usurped the throne, causing Mufasa’s death and driving Simba away for fear that he could take over the kingdom. When Simba was already big enough, he heard the news that the kingdom was not run properly and later he was convinced to return. He had a confrontation with his uncle, which led to the latter’s death, and Simba was declared as the rightful King.

This story is ideal for junior schoolers and high school students. There are lots of things to learn from in this movie. First, learners will develop a rich vocabulary about wild animals that they cannot encounter in their daily interactions. The dialog is also good; from the conversations students can learn correct usage of grammar. The movie is a good choice for children to develop writing skills. They can be asked to summarize or retell the story or write descriptive paragraphs about the scenes in the story.

2. The Sound of Music

This movie tells about Maria, a novice in an abbey who would forget prayer time and other religious duties once she walked on the hills that she loved. The Mother Superior realized that this young lady was not made to become a nun, so she recommended her to a tutoring job in one of the noble families in Austria. Maria had to teach seven children of a widower. She used music to teach the children and they found it fun. Later, their father fell in love with Maria. When the Nazis occupied Austria, the family was able to escape to Italy.

This movie is a good material when teaching English. Aside from the beautiful songs, the learners are exposed to daily used English through the children’s conversations and English used formally by highly educated people. This movie is a favorite among English teachers because it can arouse students’ interest.  In addition, young people usually love music; singing poems or original compositions in English are now popular among students.

3. My Fair Lady

This is a film about a young woman who grew up in a part of England that uses colloquial language and a professor who wagered that he could teach her to speak proper English in just a few months. And true to his words, he succeeded not only in teaching her to speak correctly but also in having her love him.

This movie is a great inspiration to students trying to learn a foreign language. In addition, students will learn the differences between English spoken by the common people and English spoken by the elite in England in the old days.

Indeed, films are excellent tools in learning and are effective in teaching vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. 

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