Top 10 Free IOS APPs of 2013


According to USA Today's report on Dec. 17, Apple has revealed its most downloaded apps of the year. There are four "Top 10 Lists": top free iPhone apps, top paid iPhone apps, top free iPad apps, and top paid iPad apps, respectively. In the lists there are not only games but tools and SNS apps as well. Apps are not all about entertainment. As an academic society, Acadsoc believes that every app has its point in education. Here we list the top 10 free iPhone apps of 2013 and let's see how they may help you learn!


1.       Candy Crush Saga


This is a match-three game with 400 levels. You are supposed to switch and match three candies of the same species to crack them. Degree of difficulty increases through levels, and the requirements to pass each level are generally divided into several different game types: target score levels, jelly levels, ingredient drop levels, timed levels, and candy order levels. The scene will change in every several levels.

Learning tip: This game challenges your visual observation capacity and reflexes. You will have to find out as many possible matches as you can in a limited time.


2.       YouTube


There is no need for detailed explanation of YouTube, isn't there? Being the world's most famous video station, YouTube has pretty much knowledge to share.

Learning tip: Try words such as "algebra", "math", "English literature" and the like instead of "fun" and "amusing" in the search box. You can spend your time more meaningfully watching informative videos that really help you learn something.


3.       Temple Run 2


The endless running game keeps most preceding functions in its predecessor, while new obstacles such as zip-lines, mine tracks, sharper turns, waterfalls, and jets of fire are added. You will experience breath-taking running, jumping, turning and sliding in the game.

Learning tip: This game helps exercise your abilities of motion control, body movements and reflexes.


4.       Vine


This app is like a mini version of YouTube and allows people to upload short videos instantly and share to twitter. Compared with YouTube, Vine keeps a more close relationship between you and your friends/family.

Learning tip: You can take a video on teaching others how to do something or some simple but useful knowledge and share it with your friends. Be a teacher and star!


5.       Google Maps


Needless to say, this is probably the most useful app for thousands of "direction idiots" as well as drivers.

Learning tip: Maybe you can try to locate a place that you have never been to before (but not too far from your current position) and see if you can arrive there without much trouble under the help of this app. This can help you exercise your sense of direction.


6.       Snapchat


This app allows you to snap a photo or video, add a caption and share it to one or a few friends. Upon their opening of your snap, it will disappear in a few seconds if they do not take a screenshot in time.

Learning tip: Why not ask a friend to send you a snap, and then you tell him or her 10 objects (the number can vary based on practical situation) you saw in the snap after it disappears, without taking a screenshot! Such help you practice your memory capacity.


7.       Instagram


Coolest app for taking selfies and viewing others' selfies. Various filters available to make your photo look better.

Learning tip: Instagram may be a starting point of learning real photography.

Read Instagram Filter's Being Abused: Learn to TAKE a Good Photo rather than Filtering one to learn more.


8.       Facebook


The SNS paradise is now portable with its iPhone app.

Learning tip: Follow the professors of your school or those at top universities or colleges. The information they share is likely to be much more helpful than that of your peers. News Feed is also informative.


9.       Pandora Radio


This music app allows people to find their favorite singers/artists, songs, genres or composers and set up their personalized music stations (playlists).

Learning tip: Music students or learners can take advantage of this app.


10.   Despicable Me: Minion Rush


Controlling the yellow henchman, you are supposed to jump, fly, dodge obstacles, collect bananas and defeat villains. This game can be viewed as a variation of Super Mario Bros plus other competing games.

Learning tip: To win through the game, a combination of reflexes, speed, and movement control is required. Practice your abilities!

(All snapshots from iTunes Store and Internet Search)

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