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Lessons in schools have become increasing tough and most often than not, classroom training alone is not enough for students to cope with their studies. Extracurricular activities and additional pressure to perform outside the class has compelled students to take additional help in the form of tuition. Catering to this growing demand for teaching aid outside the school and classroom, many organizations have begun offering tutoring services. Making the process all the more convenient, students are now offering options of various types of tuition. Read on to find out what these types are along with their benefits and fees.


Types of Tutoring Services Available


Online tutoring service: This type of tuition is best for students who don’t have the feasibility to travel to different locations. It is also ideal for students who prefer working independently or have difficulty conversing with their tutor face to face. In this type of tutoring, most of the lessons are conducted online and conversations take place through chat or emails. There are various websites that offer round the clock service. The biggest benefit of this type of tutoring service is that it has no time restrictions. If a student needs help with his lessons at 2 in the morning, he can log on to his computer and visit a website that offers such services. This form of tutoring is also beneficial for parents as they don’t have to drive their kids to the tutoring center daily. Another benefit of online tutoring service is that there are no geographical restrictions and you’re not bound by options pertaining only to your locality.


Offline tutoring service: Offline tutoring service is probably the most traditional type of tutoring. Here, students visit a tutoring center or has a teacher come over to his place to help him with his lessons, the former being more common. The benefit of offline tutoring is that the student and teacher communicate face to face and hence the student can easily as for clarifications and solves any doubts he may have. This is not very convenient with online tutoring. Additionally, in offline tutoring, since the student is present in front of the tutor, the tutor can better understand where the student is having trouble and work on areas that need improvement. Offline tutoring is ideal for students that don’t have an internet connection at home or are not very tech savvy.

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Private Tutoring service: This type of tutoring is best for less vocal children who work best alone and are not comfortable working in groups. It is also ideal for students that require special attention and get distracted easily when other children are around. This type of tutoring is most expensive as the tutor caters to the educational needs of only one child at a time. There are tutors that offer assistance in all subjects while others specialize in only one subject. The greatest benefit of private tutoring is that the tutor concentrates on only one student and hence can give him special attention, which is not possible in large groups of children. A private tutor helps a student with his homework, clears doubts that the student may have had in the classroom and provide tests strategies that helps the student perform better in class as well as in exams.


Charge Fees of Different Tutoring Services


Private tuition is no doubt the most expensive form of tutoring services. Private tutors can charge anywhere between pay $10 and $15 per hour. More experienced tutors can charge up to $75 for an hour. This rate also depends on the hiring student’s location.


Offline tutoring services are of two types – tutoring agencies and tutoring centers. Tutoring agencies charge a registration fee along with a fee for individual tutors. Rates begin at $25 per hour and go up according to the subjects and tutor’s experience. Tutoring centers usually have a monthly fee and this depends on the number of days in a week that classes are conducted. Ideally, monthly fees for classes conducted once a week are $50. There may be additional fees for testing and other charges.


Online tutoring works on a subscription bases. One package of lessons could cost up to $100 per month. There are also individual online tutors that charge anywhere between $20 and $50 per session. There are some websites that offer free online tutoring, helping students with homework and queries. However, there responses are restricted and slow.


Best private tutoring service – Buddy System


Buddy System is a great website that provides private tutoring services. The company has been around since 1989 and has a very high success record. They offer private tuition in all subjects for students from beginners to standard 12. There tutors inculcate passion and interest for academics in their student, helping them before better overall performers. Their programs are customized to meet the needs of the student.


The private tutor also works in close coordination with the students’ teachers to provide overall educational support. They charge a monthly fee with is based on the complexity of the subjects. Along with helping students with their daily studies, Buddy System also provides assistance to prepare students of tests and exams. Additionally, the experienced tutors also help students deal with their learning difficulties. They identify the difficulty areas of students and work towards overcoming these obstacles. Buddy System is a great option for students looking for private tutors.


Best online tutoring service - Acadsoc.com


Acadsoc.com is the best option when it comes to online tutoring service. It provides an interactive platform for students and teachers to learn and teach. The website boasts a database of over 500,000 tutors from all across the world. Students have the option of choosing their own tutors. The biggest benefits are that the tutors work and offer their services at timings most convenient for the student. This website also offers assistance to students who want to conduct further studies abroad.


The website is also a “paradise” for language learners, offering online courses for over 40 different languages. Most of the language tutors are native speakers and hence students can rest assured that they’re being taught in the best way possible. This tutoring service also offers online assistance from expert tutors belonging to reputed universities. Along with getting academic help, students can also clarify queries about further studies and genres they’re interested in pursuing in the future.

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Additional, they offer consultation with this regard for free. The study materials used on the website have videos and other multimedia to attract students and make the lessons more interesting.


Both students and tutors can register on the website by filling in a simple form. After the registration process is complete, students and tutors can browse through the website and contact each other.


Best Academic Tutoring Service - TutorVista


TutorVista provides one of the best academic tutoring services in the United States. It has more than 6,615,000 tutoring programs and millions of students have benefited from their services. Tutors are available round that clock and the sessions are fun and interactive. Students are given detailed assessment tests so that they can do well in school exams and are well equipped for dealing with stress with completing assignments and projects.

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Instant homework help is also provided. This service provider offers help for grades K-12 and some college-level courses. Their programs are designed around state curriculums so that the students perform well in classes. It has a great number of qualified and committed tutors that have relevant teaching experiences. The biggest plus point of this tutoring service provider is that its support is available 24/7 so that students always have access to a tutor, any time of the day. It offers private tuitions as well students can enjoy maximum benefits of their tuition classes.


Choosing the Best Option


The best type of tutoring service depends chiefly on the student’s needs and learning abilities. Each type of tutorial service has its own benefits and pitfalls. However, online tutoring has become increasingly popular because of the large amount of flexibility it offers. Moreover, the booming internet age has contributed largely to the fact that nearly all parents and student turn to the World Wide Web for all their tutorial needs. Hence, choosing the best tutoring service comes down to budget and student preference.

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