When & how to get access to the “E-Classroom” and how to use the “E-Classroom” as a Student


1.       After the tutor opened the “E-Classroom” at the scheduled class time, you can get access to the “E-Classroom”. Go to My Acadsoc > Learning, find the upcoming class which is around the scheduled class time. (If the tutor has not opened the "E-Classroom", you cannot join the class.)

2.       For a single lesson, click on the “Join the class” button on the utmost right of the course name (see FIG. 1), and your browser will automatically download the E-Classroom program, and prompts you to run it (see FIG. 2). It takes you only several seconds to enter the E-Classroom. If the automatic download fails, please follow the instruction in the pop-up page and manually download the program and set it up. If your browser blocks the automatic pop-up page for the download, please modify the settings of your browser to allow the setup of the Activex control, or use another browser instead.

          For a course, first click on "View Order Details" (see FIG. 1-1). Then you can click on the "Join the class" button of the upcoming class button in the detail page (see FIG. 1-2). The following process is the same as that of a single lesson.

3.       An operation interface will turn up after the E-classroom is run (see FIG. 3). You are now in the E-Classroom with your tutor. (Want to learn more about E-Classroom? Refer to E-Classroom Introduction.)


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