When is a class completed?


Single Lesson: after the class is over and the student has confirmed the class, the Single Lesson is completed. (If the student does not confirm the class within 7 days after it is over, the class will be confirmed automatically.)

Course: student needs to confirm each time a class is over, and after all the classes in the Course are over and have been confirmed by the student, the Course is completed. (If the student fails to confirm a class within 24 hours after the class is over, the class will be automatically confirmed.)

Free Trial: after the class is over, it is completed. (No confirmation is required from student for Free Trial lessons.) 

It is suggested that you rate the tutor and leave a comment for him or her after completing the class, so the tutor could adjust his or her teaching contents or method according to your feedback. Your feedback will also be a reference for other students who would like to purchase the class.

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