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Online Math Tutoring: Plotting the Curve of Success 

Today, digital media and online formatting have become an integral part of the educational process. It has become a primary way of delivering much of the information we consider vital in both scholastic and extracurricular activities. However, math literacy, or the way in which students understand and utilize mathematical concepts, is at a low ebb in our national primary and secondary educational institutions. What are the reasons for this and how can this shortfall be remedied most effectively? This article will explore these questions and provide some possible solutions. 

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Pedagogical Systems and Educational Structure 

Just like writing and language, mathematics is a symbolic system that represents the physical world. Why are our younger generations exhibiting such difficulty in using these concepts? It is considered to be one of the most basic skills needed for a successful adult life, but perhaps the root of the problem isn’t with the students themselves, but lies in several different areas. These areas have an impact that resounds through the entirety of a student’s educational experience. 

First, we must consider the structure of the educational environment in which the student is introduced to mathematical concepts. Because the nature of the public education system has come to resemble the industrial complex in more than surface appearance, teachers are pressured to provide results on standardized tests. No matter how passionate or dedicated the educator, this places a premium on the time investment that teacher can offer to any single student. For students who have trouble understanding basic mathematical concepts early in their mathematical education, there is a limited amount of assistance available to them within the classroom setting. 

Secondly, the standardized manner in which mathematical concepts are communicated may be inappropriate for the learning styles of some students. While pedagogical approaches are constantly being adapted in teacher education programs in order to speak to these differing learning styles, the very nature of mathematical concepts makes remedying holes in a student’s understanding tricky. Mathematics, like verbal and written language, is a system of concepts that builds on itself. 

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Outcomes and Expectations 

If the student has missed a vital piece of the foundation, their understanding of everything that comes after will be impacted. This is an issue that compounds with time, and the longer we allow it to go unchecked, the more pronounced it will become. This leads to several outcomes. Teachers, who are under immense pressure to produce student performance results and allotted few resources in a restricted timeframe with which to produce them, cannot afford to stop class to address an issue that may be more severe than they at first understand. 

As well, this creates resentment and a feeling of inadequacy in many students, because they essentially feel they are being labeled as unintelligent. In addition to an actual conceptual shortfall, they may often develop a mental block to anything they perceive as relating to mathematics. This only serves to worsen the student’s predicament, as well as impacting other areas of study, such as chemistry and physics—two of the required science courses for high school graduation credit. 

Math Tutors to the Rescue 

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Now that the problematic process itself has been identified, what are the possible solutions? The first and best solution is, of course, the least likely. Our children’s minds are not assembly line products, and should not be treated as such. Rather, the industrialized system of public education should be overhauled to address the needs of the students—smaller class sizes, teachers who are passionate about teaching and not pressured to produce intelligence as if it were a good for sale, and school environments that are safe, clean, and bright. 

Since this is highly unlikely, the solution that runs a very close second is the provision of math tutors who are passionate about teaching students, well qualified in their fields, and who want to make a difference. While many schools offer after-school tutoring in mathematics and other fields, it’s often insufficient or ineffective for a variety of reasons. First, many free math tutor services offered by schools are staffed with the teachers who generously volunteer their time or with a student’s peers. This can often play on the mental block student’s develop, because it involves the same individuals around whom the block was developed, and usually takes place in the same environment. 

Secondly, students may not be able to stay after school for a variety of reasons that span from social obligations to family time tables. If the school bus is their way home and no one is available to transport them, they are then marooned until a parent or other adult can come pick them up from the school. This reveals a hidden and non-monetary cost of free math tutor services. 

Two Birds with One Stone 

As we noted at the very beginning of the article, digital media have come to play a crucial role in education. Many students are more comfortable than their parents when navigating online resources or using social media. You can find many great videos on Youtube or Vimeo

Free online math tutoring services would provide students with a comfortable format, and provide them with a tutor whose skills were vetted via credentials. Moreover, this tutoring could take place in the student’s own home or in any convenient location. 

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Acadsoc offers parents a broad range of tutors whose excellent qualifications are clearly stated, each of whom exhibits a passionate dedication to helping students through the process of learning mathematics. With Acadsoc, a professional customer service representative will match each student with a particular tutor, based on needs, learning style, and their area of difficulty. The first meeting will be conducted via E-Classroom. Acadsoc will provide this as a free online math tutoring session. Help to reinstill the joy of learning in your young student today. Meet with a free online math tutor today. While the cost of subsequent services is based on an individual tutor’s qualifications, experience, and level of instruction, the first free online math tutor session will help you to accurately determine whether a specific individual is a good match for your child’s needs in mathematics. 

Acadsoc is an ideal solution for many, because in addition to helping you find the best tutor for your child, they also will not demand that you contract with them for a lengthy program or that your child works only with the first instructor to whom they are introduced. Take advantage of this wonderful service that brings together some of the most talented teachers from the Ivy League world who are passionate about helping others to understand math, dedicated to teaching students at their own pace, and will work hard to ensure that further instruction at school has a solid foundation upon which to build.

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